Thursday, 11 January 2018

CAPRICORN NEW MOON - 16 / 17 January 2018

Wednesday  17 Jan, exact at 2.17am GMT, Tuesday 16 January, exact at 9.17pm EST!

As Capricorn New Moons go, this one is particularly Capricorn in flavour! We have the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto all in this earthy, responsible and disciplined sign. New Moons are a time when we let go of whatever isn’t serving us, leaving it behind in the dark of the moon and shedding old patterns, beliefs and habits. It is an incredibly potent time energetically, which gives us an opportunity to set positive intentions for ourselves  so that whatever is bubbling away in our subconscious has the potential to blossom and grow over the course of the month until it comes to full fruition around the time of the Full Moon. This Moon has a powerfully transforming quality to it, as Pluto, the planet of soul and transformation, is very much a part of the picture and so is Uranus, the planet of sudden change and wake up calls. This truly is a Moon of endings and new beginnings, which is calling for us to step out of our safety zone, letting go, allowing in change and embracing a new perspective.   

Capricorn asks us to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions. In its highest form it brings emotional maturity and a willingness to be reflective and do the inner work that will allow our inner and outer life to change in a positive way. Capricorn can help us to change or eliminate any part of our consciousness that might be too rigid, outdated or is preventing us from growing. Capricorn also represents our parental and cultural conditioning, and  we all know that it is very hard to undo old, familiar patterns that have become crystalised and set in over the years. However, with Pluto and Uranus so heavily involved in this Moon, we are currently being asked to do exactly that. It’s time to be accountable and to recognise how we are holding ourselves back from realising our full potential. Any outworn structures in our lives need to be broken down so that something new can take their place. This whole month seems to be a time of shifts and transformation, so it is important not to cling too tightly to what needs to go. All will be revealed in the fullness of time. That is another gift of Capricorn – patience!

Capricorn encourages us to step up and be counted, taking on our own authority and becoming responsible for the gifts we have been given, finding our rightful place in the world. With Capricorn we develop structure, discipline and the ability to commit to whatever path, relationship or course of action we have decided on.  With Pluto and Uranus challenging the Sun, Moon and Venus, it is quite possible that we could experience a shake-up within our emotional lives, our relationships and our sense of purpose in life. There is an echo of the Pluto Uranus square that was so prominent for so long, breaking down outworn structures and forcing us to be absolutely true to ourselves and our soul’s journey. We may be encouraged, or even forced, to let go of anything that might be impeding our growth and preventing us from living from a place of integrity and authenticity.  Integrity is a big one for Capricorn. It involves being honest with ourselves and doing what we know is the right thing to do, even if it causes pain or discomfort.

The Mars Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio is waning now, but with Mars forming a positive aspect to this Moon and Jupiter to Pluto, it still has a big part to play. The combination of Scorpio and Capricorn feels very karmic, and we are continuing the theme of the Cancer Full Moon, which has been helping us to be brave enough to face those parts of ourselves that we are not proud of.  There is the potential for amazing soul growth this month, as we dive into our shadows and fearlessly face what we find there. This can bring considerable psychological insight and help us to recognise aspects of ourselves that we have hitherto denied or suppressed. What a gift we are being given here, in this first month of the year! It is as if we are being given the opportunity to clear the decks so that we can become more aligned with our true nature. It involves us having to be very honest with ourselves, and possibly even making some difficult or painful decisions, but if we can do this then we could be opening ourselves up to something that could surprise and amaze us!

There are a few interesting Sabian symbols in this Moon, so I will describe them each briefly. Firstly, Jupiter, at 20° Scorpio: “A woman draws away two dark curtains closing the entrance to a sacred pathway” about which Dane Rudyar says: “Courage is needed to go through the veiling darkness – the courage to venture beyond the familiar and the traditionally known, to PLUNGE AHEAD INTO THE UNKNOWN.” And Mars’s symbol, at 25° Scorpio, is an incredibly powerful one: “An X-Ray Photograph” which Rudyar describes as “The capacity to acquire a knowledge of the structural factors in all existence. The true philosopher is able to grasp and significantly evaluate what underlies all manifestations of life. His mind’s eye penetrates through the superficialities of existence and perceives the framework that gives an at least relatively permanent “form” to all organised systems. Thus, if the structure is weak, deformed by persistent strain, or unbalanced, the basic causes of outer disturbances and dis-ease can be discovered”. This symbol certainly gives the sense that we will be able to see beneath the surface of reality and gain considerable insight as to what might be out of alignment!

Chiron the wounded healer is forming a positive aspect to the New Moon, bringing the potential for healing, compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and others. Chiron not only promotes healing but also helps us to embrace our Higher Self and abilities. The Sabian symbol for Chiron, at 25° Pisces, speaks for itself: “Watching the very thin moon crescent appearing at sunset, different people realise that the time has come to go ahead with their different projects.” The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon itself, at 27° Capricorn, is “Pilgrims climbing the steep steps leading to a mountain shrine”, about which Rudyar says: “The shrine is built by the unceasing dedication of perhaps generations of men. The pilgrimage is hallowed by the devotion of many, even though each person finds on his own mountaintop what to him seems a unique and transcendent revelation.” This symbol has an upreaching quality about it and a sense of a rise in consciousness, as well as being  a reminder for us to keep striving to do better and follow our true path and vision. As Rudyar says: “It is man’s supreme task to rise like fire, impelled by a vision he shares with his companions.”

This New Moon definitely has a karmic feeling to it, bringing with it the potential for tremendous wake up calls and transformation, as well as the possibility of letting go of anything that might be holding us back from our soul growth. There is an interesting configuration between Jupiter, Pluto and the Vertex – a Yod, or a Finger of God. Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion is joining forces with Pluto, the planet of soul, power and transformation, bringing the potential for soul growth and helping us to move forward on our path with faith, honesty and integrity.  They are both pointing the Finger of God at the Vertex, which symbolises a karmic or fated connection and can signify a major turning point, when an important event can occur or someone significant can come into our lives. The Vertex is thought by some to be a point of “wish fulfilment”. The Yod itself also has a fateful, karmic quality to it. It’s interesting to see this on what is already such a powerful and potentially transformative New Moon!

Much Love


Painting: Path to the Mountaintop – Joseph Parker

Saturday, 30 December 2017

CANCER FULL MOON - 1 / 2 January 2018

Exact at 2.24am GMT, 1 Jan at 9.24pm EST

Emotions should well and truly be flowing during this Full Moon, as not only is the moon in the emotional sign of Cancer, but we also have a Grand Water Trine involving the Cancer Moon, Neptune in Pisces and Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio. The Moon is very much at home in her own sign and so we should find it easy to get in touch with and articulate our emotions, with some help from Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio who will be helping us to bravely face certain parts of ourselves that we may usually prefer not to admit to. It may be a bit uncomfortable, as we are prompted to have a look at our shadow sides and recognise our blind spots, but this Moon will help us to have the courage to be emotionally honest with ourselves and our loved ones and take the plunge into the depths of our psyches. With Neptune involved in the picture, we should be able to do so with compassion, forgiveness and kindness, and without losing sight of our true spirit and essence. Neptune will help us to put ourselves in another person’s shoes and to come from a place of empathy and unconditional love. Neptune is a very big player in this Full Moon, forming harmonious aspects to almost all of the personal planets, including the Sun and Moon, and Venus and Mars. This will help us to recognise that we are all one, and that what happens to one affects us all.

Full Moons always involve an opposition between the energy of the sign the Sun is in, which is Capricorn in this case, and the energy of the sign the Moon is in, which is Cancer. Oppositions tend to play out through our relationships, not to mention that Venus is sitting right next to the Sun for this Moon, which will bring the way we relate even more into focus. During the build-up to this moon, whatever has been simmering away below the surface of our consciousness may come to a head, demanding release. As ever, we are asked to find a healthy balance between the energy of the two signs rather than veering too far in either direction.  Cancer relates to our inner self, our inner home, and shows how we live within ourselves and our emotional body. It is our emotional foundation and reveals how our childhood experiences and family relationships impact the way we relate as adults. Whatever happened in our early life, the amount of nurturing we received and the degree to which our needs were met or not met, has a direct correlation to how well we take care of ourselves and how emotionally secure we are as adults. Any needs that weren’t met and have been left unresolved can create displaced emotions in adulthood, whereby we revert to childish behaviour in order to get our needs met.  

This Full Moon could well illuminate some of our more childish patterns and help us to become more aware of how they are operating in our lives and sabotaging our relationships. Sometimes we need someone else to show us the mirror so that we can see our blind spots. A Full Moon in Cancer definitely gives us that opportunity, and Neptune helps us to find compassion and unconditional love for these parts of ourselves, much like a mother has for her child. There is also a lot of Capricorn energy involved in this moon, and while Cancer holds the potential for emotional infantilism, Capricorn urges us to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions, and to pull our socks us and be a grown-up. In the extreme, however, Capricorn energy can cause us to suppress our emotions, holding them in for so long that they end up coming out in some kind of distorted fashion. While Cancer has the capacity to be incredibly vulnerable, Capricorn is the opposite and can cause us to hold back perfectly valid feelings out of a fear of feeling vulnerable or exposed, or of seeming “irrational”. However, anything that is supressed will always find a way out in the end.

This Moon could well bring a lot of emotional material out from under the proverbial carpet for us to see and examine. We could become all too aware of how our childhood conditioning is still running the show, but we have a beautiful opportunity here to look at is all with kindness and compassion rather than judgement or blame. If we are able to combine Cancer’s emotional fluency and awareness with Capricorn’s maturity and ability to take responsibility for our part in things then we have the potential for amazing insight, emotional maturity and the ability to move past our more crippling emotional patterns. We also have transformational and soulful Pluto heavily involved in this Moon, giving us the opportunity to metamorphose our relationships and our inner selves. This will help us to break down our emotional armour and allow old, outworn patterns and structures to fall away so that we are more aligned with our true, core self. Black Moon Lilith is also sitting right next to Venus in Capricorn, calling for us to express those parts of ourselves that have been disowned, suppressed or rejected and owning the darker side of ourselves that we might usually have more under control. We are invited to express our rage, our disappointment, our repressed emotions and anything we have been holding back out of the need for propriety.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon, at 12° Cancer, is: “A Chinese woman nursing a baby whose aura reveals him to be the re-incarnation of a great teacher”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “The revelation of latent worth in an experience once it is seen in its deeper meaning” and says that it “demands that we look beyond common appearances and try to discover the “occult” (i.e. hidden) character of every person and every experience” and are able to see “the essential meaning (or “message” and function) of the whole”. This symbol gives the feeling that we need to see beyond and recognise the deeper potential and greatness within all of us and to nurture the child within us all because we all have aspects of ourselves that we might not be able to see.  We all have untapped potential and it is very important to nurture and nourish the inner child and open ourselves to seeing beyond appearances to the divinity within all of us. There is also a message in this symbol that within every situation there is always something deeper going on that we might not be aware of at first glance.

This Moon does seem to be a perfect opportunity to get everything out into the open. It might not be pretty, but sometimes the truth isn’t pretty. However, it is better than holding back out of fear and allowing things to fester beneath the surface so that they subvert and sabotage our relationships with those we love. Every one of us had a childhood and every one of us learned how to behave during that childhood, and some of these learned behaviours and coping mechanisms are healthier than others! All of us have certain needs that weren’t met and all of us have the capacity to revert to being a needy child at times. We just do it in different ways, that’s all. With Jupiter and Mars forming a square to the Nodes of the Moon, we are invited to take a long, hard look at ourselves and have the courage to own our darker, hidden and rejected parts. It’s time to get that broom out and sweep under the carpet! If we can do this, we have the capacity for amazing soul growth. Luckily we have Neptune on our side, not to mention the Grand Water Trine helping us to get in touch with and articulate our true feelings. Neptune will help us to open our hearts with forgiveness and compassion and to see each other for who we really truly are, in all our imperfect perfection. What a wonderful way to start 2018!

Much Love


Also, to remind you of the invitation to join us for a meditation on Compassion at 6am GMT on 2 January 2018. Here is the link:

Picture: Mother and Child by J. Kirk Richards

Thursday, 14 December 2017

SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON - 18 December 2017

 Exact at 6.30am GMT, 1.30am EST

This is a very Sagittarian Moon indeed, with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn all in this forward looking and optimistic sign! New Moons are the perfect time to set positive intentions for ourselves and this one in particular offers hope for the future, faith in a positive outcome and the opportunity to contemplate what might help us to grow and expand moving forward. Sagittarius is a very enthusiastic and adventurous sign who seeks to understand our connection to the universe from a metaphysical, cosmological or philosophical point of view. This is the part of us that seeks the truth of our existence and loves to travel far and wide to discover other cultures and their beliefs and to go on pilgrimages of various kinds. Sagittarius is like a gypsy and needs the freedom to roam and to have any experiences necessary to be able to follow any intuitive hunches that might lead him in the direction of the truth. However, one thing to be aware is that Mercury is also retrograde in Sagittarius, so misunderstandings can easily happen as people may be very opinionated, blunt and all too eager to spout their version of the truth!

One of the most beautiful strengths of this sign is the gift of faith and the ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sagittarius is that part of us that knows that even the darkest of times have gifts to offer because they help us to grow and become wiser. He also has a very good sense of humour and helps us to laugh at the absurdity of life, even when the chips are down! This is the sign that teaches us to learn from our mistakes and to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start over again. With Sagittarius we learn to trust our intuition, which simply knows what it knows without quite knowing how it knows it. This New Moon encourages us to have the courage of our convictions and to trust our intuitive hunches. This truly is a time to look forward and have the faith that no matter what is going on, we are always learning and growing. The intentions we set for ourselves now can be optimistic, expansive and adventurous!

Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is currently in Scorpio, which could temper the enthusiastic, jolly, hopeful feeling that Sagittarius generally brings. When Saturn was in Scorpio from late 2011 until early 2014, all sorts of uncomfortable information came to the surface that had hitherto been buried under the carpet, including the Jimmy Saville scandal, to use a powerful example. Now we have Jupiter going through Scorpio from October 10 2017 until November 8 2018, and now the biggest planet is definitely bringing more out from under the proverbial carpet for all to see.  The first thing that happened as Jupiter went into Scorpio was the “Me too” phenomena on Facebook, whereby women came out and talked of their experience as women being harassed or abused. It was a powerful and healing eye-opener! Scorpio rules power/powerlessness, sexuality, death/rebirth, emotional honesty, intimacy, trust, loss, abandonment and betrayal, and Jupiter will be magnifying and exaggerating these issues during this transit. What an amazing opportunity to purge old patterns and plunge into the depths of our psyches so that we can confront those parts of ourselves that we would usually be blind to or deny the existence of! We can really benefit from doing some shadow work during this moon, and indeed for the whole of Jupiter’s stay in Scorpio.  

Even though the Saturn Chiron Square has already peaked, it seems to be lingering on until the end of the year because it has been triggered by the recent full moon and is now a big part of this moon. This energy isn’t exactly jolly-making either! It does, however, bring the potential for us to face our biggest blocks and obstacles and do some deep healing around them. We could feel quite triggered and vulnerable, however, as our oldest, deepest, most entrenched wounds come up to the surface for us to look at. This, of course, can be quite painful and potentially depressing. This is quite a heavy energy and could make things feel a bit bleak, but we must use the Sagittarian energy to remind ourselves that there is so much potential for growth if we are willing and able to look into the darkness with compassion, acceptance and forgiveness for ourselves and those who may have hurt or wounded us. It is time to let go, once and for all.

We are likely to experience a shift of energy as Saturn leaves Sagittarius on the 19th, the day after the New Moon, and moves into its own sign of Capricorn. It will be in Capricorn until March 2020. When Saturn moves into a sign it casts a critical eye over the themes and issues of the sign in question. In the case of Capricorn, Saturn will be shining the harsh light of reality on the structures of our lives, including those that rule us such as governments and corporations. Not only that, but issues such as ageism, elitism, reputation, status, control, judgement, authority and class structure will all be up for interrogation under Saturn’s stern gaze. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008, exposing the rot within the power structures, and now Saturn is joining in, so the next couple of years could be interesting indeed! While Pluto tears the structures down, making us fully aware of what isn’t working, Saturn has the capacity to restore order and come up with a long term plan that has integrity and will stand the test of time. Saturn and Pluto will literally come together in Capricorn in January 2020, which could be a time of reckoning both personally and collectively.

Saturn in Capricorn doesn’t believe in shortcuts and asks us to have the utmost integrity in all that we do. We may become very aware of our limitations but sometimes they are necessary, and failure can actually be a greater teacher than success. We could be prompted to consider whether what we are doing as a career is truly our life purpose, and if it isn’t then this is a good time to set the wheels in motion for a change of course that allows greater integrity and fulfilment. This combination brings the potential for resilience, perseverance, patience, the ability to truly commit to something, the capacity to take responsibility for our actions, authenticity, discipline, order and the ability to work slowly but surely towards whatever goal we set ourselves. This is a really good time to seek the counsel of our elders or those who are an authority on something, heeding their advice and honouring their knowledge and life experience. There is a sense that we can build something of lasting value during this transit. It is important not to rush, but rather to take our time and not be short sighted.

Interestingly enough, the Sabian symbol for this New Moon is quite similar to the energy of Saturn in Capricorn. The Sun and Moon are in 27° Sagittarius: “A sculptor’s vision is slowly taking form”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “the ability to project one’s vision upon and to give form to materials.” This symbol reminds us that sometimes it takes time and effort to work towards something that is truly worthwhile and of lasting value and integrity. This is perfect for the New Moon, as it gives the sense that whatever vision we have and whatever intentions we set will have staying power and the potential for manifesting in concrete reality. We must be mindful of what seeds we plant right now, and make sure that they are a true reflection of who we are and what we want to be. They need to have integrity and we might also need to be patient, slowly but surely “moulding” the desired outcome. It is important, during this time, to use some of Sagittarius’s greatest gifts and trust our gut, keep the faith and keep an eye on the bigger picture!

Wishing you all a beautiful holiday season!

Much Love


Artwork: Light At End Of Tunnel by Olga Zavgorodnya

Thursday, 30 November 2017


Exact at 3.46pm GMT, 10.45am EST

This is an interesting Moon indeed, with the potential for a considerable amount of confusion! We are now in Sagittarius season, which generally brings a dose of hope and optimism as well as the tendency towards excess! The phrase “Goodwill to all” definitely has a Sagittarian feel to it! This year, however, we have Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, in Scorpio, helping us to face those parts of ourselves that we may usually deny. We can gain great benefit from being willing to plunge into the shadows of our psyche and confront what we find there. This can be a time of considerable transformation and metamorphosis, where we come face to face with issues of power and powerlessness, both personally and collectively. We can grow so much from allowing ourselves to really get to the nitty gritty with our loved ones, baring our soul and the hidden parts of ourselves so that we can really be seen. This could make us feel a bit vulnerable, and as we approach holiday season it brings the potential for us to connect with one another on a deeper level and could also exaggerate our shadow sides! If there is any year for talking about whatever is hidden beneath the family’s proverbial carpet, this is the one!

The Moon is in Gemini, directly opposite the Sagittarius Sun, and we are asked to find the balance between the energy of the two signs rather than veering too far in either direction. Gemini is a very curious sign who likes to have as many experiences as possible in order for us to understand ourselves in relation to the world we live in. As such, this Moon could bring a certain “busy-ness” and increased interaction with our everyday environment. Our minds might tend to race somewhat as thought roll through at a million miles an hour and we could also feel strong urges to communicate whatever is on our minds! There is a restless quality to Gemini, as it likes to collect lots of information and share it with others, much like a butterfly flitting from flower to flower, spreading pollen. Gemini represents our logical, rational left side of the brain, while Sagittarius represents the right side of the brain; our intuition and the part of ourselves that just knows without quite knowing why we know. Gemini collects facts and data while Sagittarius helps us to put it all the facts together and interpret them so that we can understand the bigger picture.

It is quite possible that this Moon could bring such a plethora of beliefs and opinions that we find it hard to know what to think or believe! Gemini represents the media and so we could find ourselves completely overwhelmed by advertising and the news; information being bombarded at us so that we are completely overloaded! This is where Sagittarius comes in, for while Gemini is busy piling on the information and represents busy city life, Sagittarius is less sophisticated, preferring the simplicity of the natural world and the wisdom that can be found from the plants and trees. It is important that we look within for the answers and quiet the busy mind so that we can find the truth on an instinctual, gut level. Indeed, Gemini can bring duplicity, while Sagittarius is known for exaggerating or embellishing the truth, so we could find it hard to know what is the truth and what is lies during this time. Bear in mind that this could be lies we tell ourselves and have convinced ourselves to be true, or lies that others are telling us. Certainly there can be a lot of value in looking at our thought processes during this Full Moon and recognising their power to affect our lives and the decisions we make. One can never underestimate the benefit of positive thinking!

Interestingly enough, Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, is literally stationary during this Moon, getting ready to go retrograde on the same day. When Mercury is retrograde it is an opportunity for our rational, logical left brains to take a bit of a break and for us to exercise the intuitive, imaginative right side of our brain. This is compounded by the fact that Mercury is going retrograde in Sagittarius, the sign of the intuitive right brain! In the days before and after Mercury turns retrograde, the Trickster tends to go into full gear, bringing the potential for confusion and misunderstandings as well as our minds not thinking quite so clearly! The beauty of Mercury retrograde is that it gives us an opportunity to look back and go over anything that might need a rethink or a review. The retrospective quality of this time can be very useful and could also bring up people from our past with whom we have unfinished business. Sometimes we have to go back in order to move forward!

Mercury is also sitting right next to Saturn and is being challenged by Chiron the Wounded Healer, which may cause our minds to focus on more serious concerns and could make it rather difficult to communicate. We may become all too aware of how words have the power to hurt and it is possible that our minds could play tricks on us so that we are more fearful than usual and find it a bit harder to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Mercury is also forming a positive aspect to the Mars Uranus opposition, which gives us the energy and motivation to think outside of the box and recognise where we make changes in our lives. Our thoughts may also be racing at a million miles an hour and we could feel very antsy and restless indeed. We have the potential for some amazing shifts at the moment but it might not be very comfortable, as we may find ourselves being challenged or confronted by other people or events in rather shocking ways. However, these shocks are exactly what we need to shake us up a bit and propel us to break certain patterns that are simply no longer serving us. Whatever messages we receive during this time may be somewhat painful to receive, but we could accept them as gifts that will help us to understand ourselves better and also to recognise where we might be stuck in old patterns.

Neptune in Pisces is forming a challenging square aspect to the Sun and Moon, which could make things a bit confusing, as if Mercury going retrograde isn’t enough! We could find it very difficult to separate fact from fiction and it may be necessary to make sure that we communicate very clearly with one another to avoid any misunderstandings. Mixed messages are a distinct possibility here! Reality may not be as it seems, the unreal could become very real and chaos may rein! In fact we may be asked to look at things very differently, as we are offered another perspective that challenges our view of so called reality. We could become very aware of how we delude ourselves and create imaginary fears that then become our reality. We are being prompted to use our intuition and our imagination to transcend our logical, rational mind because some things quite literally won’t make sense! There is the potential for disillusionment and disorientation during this Moon, so it might be better just to relax and accept that all is not necessarily as it seems.

Neptune’s mission is to dissolve our ego and any barriers and old patterns of behaviour that are preventing us from having a conscious and direct connection to God, the Creator, the Source, the Divine, etc. As such, this Moon could bring a strange experience that can’t be rationally explained, or an experience that is utterly disillusioning, both of which can dissolve the ego and help us to become more conscious of our connection to the world of spirit. It could enable us to understand that we are so much more than our human ego, with all its fears and limiting beliefs, can comprehend. We could either experience confusion and bewilderment or enlightenment and illumination, depending on how open we are to the magic of life and the unseen aspects of reality. The Sabian symbol for Neptune and the Sun/Moon midpoint, at 12° Pisces, is “In the sanctuary of an occult brotherhood, newly initiated members are being examined and their character tested”. This gives a sense of having to go through some kind of initiation in order to gain entrance to higher realms of being. There is also a sense of having to give something up in order to become part of the greater Whole.

Well, although Gemini is a fairly logical, rational sign, this Full Moon seems like it is far from rational! Full Moons rarely are, as they bring the emotional, more irrational part of us out into the light and bring to a head anything that has been bubbling away below the surface of our lives. This is a time to look within for the answers instead of falling prey to the overwhelming amount of information we may receive from the outside world. Confusing occurrences that can’t be explained rationally may abound, but it is important to have a sense of humour and to be open to the magic rather than succumbing to fear or paranoia, or thinking that we are going out of our mind! We are being offered an opportunity to get out of our heads and into our hearts. Just because most of us can’t actually “see” the world of spirit, it doesn’t mean it’s not there! This Full Moon has the potential to make us more aware of a thinning of the veil between the worlds, opening the doors of perception, so better to relax into it rather that resisting. Whatever experiences we have during this time, no matter how shocking, disillusioning or painful, could produce breakthroughs that have the potential to open us up to a much better understanding of who we really are and how we fit into the greater Whole.

Much love


Artwork by Susan Seddon Boulet

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

MARS OPPOSITE URANUS – exact Friday 1 December

Mars was square Pluto for the New Moon, helping us to purge old patterns and to be brave enough to move beyond our self-imposed limitations. The combination had the potential to bring up some quite intense emotions that it would be hard to contain. Pluto is the planet of transformation, while Mars gives us the energy, motivation and drive to make the necessary changes so that we can shift old habits and patterns so something more aligned with who we are becoming can take their place. Combine this with a Scorpio New Moon and we had the potential to bravely face our shadows and recognise what emotional patterns are holding us back from growth. The energy of the Pluto Mars square peaked on Sunday and is now on the wane.

Now Mars is moving towards an opposition with Uranus, the Great Awakener, who is in Aries at the moment urging us to wake up to our true, authentic selves. Uranus brings sudden events that seem to “happen to us”, but are often merely a reflection of our inner need for change. Uranus and Mars together could make things a bit more unpredictable and make us act in ways that are seemingly out of character but are probably more akin to our real self. Uranus wants to bust us out of our conditioned self; the person we learned to be in order to please our parents and teachers and gain their love and approval. We could feel a burst of courage or experience a wake-up call that helps us to step outside of our comfort zone and try out something new and exciting. Indeed, we may well feel strong, uncontrollable urges to do things differently and break up our old, tired routine. We may become very excited by a new vision for our future and feel a strong need to actually make it happen. There is a revolutionary feeling to this opposition, as people could find the courage and anger needed to stand up for much needed change.

The energy of the opposition could be a bit disruptive to our relationships, as we may feel a tension between our need for the freedom to be ourselves and the need for compromise. Unresolved grievances may come bursting out into the open, although this could definitely be a good thing because it is far better than resentment festering away below the surface! A good way to harness the energy of Mars and Uranus is to be open to anything new and exciting and to be willing and open to take action in order to change. It could make us all too aware of where we are stuck or stagnant, and give us the energy, courage and motivation to kick away anything that might be holding us back or limiting us. We shouldn’t be surprised if our loved ones act differently either; in fact we should embrace it because it could bring a breath of fresh air to our lives and relationships. The energy of the opposition will be building over the next week and will peak on Friday 1 December. As Confucius says “The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm.”

Much Love


Picture: Breakthrough from Osho Zen Tarot

Thursday, 16 November 2017

SCORPIO NEW MOON - 18 November 2017

Exact at 11.42am GMT, 6.42am EST

This is the Moon for purging ourselves of old habits and patterns and moving beyond what we think we are capable of. It is a time for shedding old skin so that we can emerge, shiny and new and ever so slightly vulnerable! Over the past couple of weeks, since the Taurus Full Moon, we have had the opportunity to recognise what old beliefs, habits, emotional patterns and ways of relating are not working for us anymore. Now it is time to let them go, like the leaves falling from the trees. They belonged to the old version of ourselves, and we now need to develop a new set of beliefs and way of being that are more of a reflection of who we are becoming.  This New Moon holds the potential for powerful transformation and metamorphosis.  This is especially so if we can consciously leave behind whatever isn’t serving us in the dark of the Moon, with loving gratitude, and open ourselves up for something more appropriate to take its place. It’s a great time for rituals that help us to surrender old patterns and habits. It’s time for them to go.

Scorpio is an intensely emotional sign which encourages us to look deep inside ourselves and be very honest about what we find there. We currently have the Sun, Moon, Venus and Jupiter in a sign that is rather fond of diving into the shadows and revealing whatever is lurking there. As such, during this time we might become more aware of traits that we tend to deny in ourselves, which more often than not is mirrored by those closest to us. Something that really bothers us about another person is more often than not an unowned part of ourselves that we are unwilling to face. The more we deny it the more they act it out for us and the more it gets under our skin! Jupiter, being the largest planet, has been exaggerating and magnifying all things Scorpio since October 10, making the shadows much harder to miss!  We are in a time of transition and, like the snake shedding its skin, we are letting go of old beliefs, patterns and habits so that we can emerge anew, an unencumbered version of ourselves. Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes a part of us is dying so that we can be reborn and start afresh.

Not only is the New Moon in Scorpio, but Pluto and Mars, the two rulers of Scorpio, are also forming a challenging square aspect to each other. This could bring a powerful impetus for change, whereby we are forced to move beyond our self-imposed limitations. We could feel intense emotions rising up from deep within us, such as anger or rage, and have no choice but to express them. When we put the planet of soul, power and transformation with the planet of action, desire, energy, motivation and drive, we have the potential for acting on some very deep, unconscious desires and being incredibly motivated to transform our lives. It is quite possible that we won’t have a choice in the matter, as something from deep within us will be driving us to make the necessary changes. We may be capable of things we never knew possible and could find strength we didn’t know we had. Certainly, if anything has been bothering us it will be hard to hold it in! We will be prompted to align our willpower with our higher will, acting on behalf of our soul’s urges.

Uranus in Aries is also forming a nagging, quincunx aspect to the Sun and Moon in Scorpio. This also feels like a challenge for us to have a long hard look at what needs changing in our lives and what is preventing us from being truly ourselves. Uranus is the Great Awakener, so we are being urged to “wake up” to who we really are, rather than our learned patterns of behaviour that we adopted to please our parents or school teachers and win their love. Something could come up that forces us to make a break with the past and recognise where we are stuck in old habits and patterns that are sabotaging our relationships and preventing the closeness and intimacy we so desperately desire. Scorpio is the queen of intimacy, and it is only when we drop our “false self” and allow another to see us as we, truly are, warts and all, that we allow a deepening to occur. This process can make us feel rather vulnerable, but if we don’t let it happen then we will just continue to block true intimacy. If we are open to it, we could have some amazing insights into our emotional patterns during this Moon. With Venus in Scorpio forming a square to the Nodes of the Moon, it could become quite apparent how our relationship and intimacy issues are blocking us from finding true fulfilment in life and progressing on our path.

Chiron the Wounded Healer is helping us out during this process, so this could be a time of profound healing, when we are able to revisit old wounds in the spirit of love, compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and others. Many of our more destructive patterns are borne out of childhood hurts; we build up our defences against being hurt like that again. The problem is that these defences only go against us later in life, as they block greater intimacy and closeness with our loved ones. During this time we have the opportunity to recognise these blocks and allow them to melt away. The Sabian symbol for Chiron speaks of “the power of the soul to intervene in the personal life to produce the necessary catharses……a purging or catharsis is needed to restore not only  fresh and creative spontaneity, but even more the contact with the Soul and God-ordained Dharma”.

Neptune is also forming a flowing, trine aspect to Venus and Jupiter, which will help us to connect more deeply with each other and to relate to each other’s true essence and spirit, beyond our patterns, blocks and learned behaviour. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and represents unconditional love. This could help us to surrender to intimacy and trust enough to allow our softer, more vulnerable and tender selves to be revealed. Neptune and Jupiter will help us to have the faith and trust needed to take the plunge into our shadows and allow whatever we find there to be seen so that we can grow. Neptune has the power to dissolve our fears and remind us of who we really are, behind all of our barriers. This Moon invites us to go deeper; to let go and surrender to who we really are. Something is falling away and we just need to let it go and trust that we don’t need it anymore and are being guided in the right direction.

Much Love


Art by Tomasz Alen Kopera

Thursday, 2 November 2017

TAURUS FULL MOON - 4 November 2017

Exact at 5.22am GMT, 1.22am EDT
This Full Moon invites us to let go of anything we may be holding on to too tightly. We are in Scorpio season now, which is a time of confronting and purging any habits, patterns, beliefs, people or situations that are preventing growth. We are asked to be really honest with ourselves and recognise what is simply not serving us anymore. Scorpio is a psychologically astute sign that really likes get to the nitty gritty of why we are behaving a certain way, or why we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. “Why, why, why?” Scorpio asks! The Moon is full in Taurus, however. Taurus is very resistant to change, as it threatens her sense of security. As such, this Moon could bring us face to face with our resistance and make it all too apparent how we are holding ourselves back from doing what we know we need in order to grow.  We could become very aware of how we dig our heels in when asked to change patterns of behaviour, and how it is so hard to see beyond our limiting beliefs. For Taurus, just the thought of change threatens her sense of survival.

Scorpio represents the process of evolution, metamorphosis and transmutation. She will quite happily rip the rug out from under us in order to help us grow. Loss, betrayal, death and rebirth all come under the Scorpio banner, and as painful as they are, they do tend to be catalysts for profound soul growth. When we are stuck in Taurus mode and something needs to shift, Scorpio will come along to question and confront us, forcing us to make the leap towards change. During this Moon, Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler will be helping us to move past these outmoded patterns and beliefs that we are holding onto for dear life. We have an opportunity to see how we hold ourselves back and get stuck in a rut, unable to see a way out. If we are willing to do the work, the way will be shown.

Taurus shows us how our inner dialogue with ourselves has an impact on what we bring into our lives. It represents our self-worth and the law of attraction. The way we relate to ourselves will be mirrored by what and who we attract to us. If we are overly critical of ourselves, we will attract people who are critical of us. If we don’t feel confident about our abilities, talents or capacities, then we will find it hard to get a job or earn the right amount of money. This Moon could well bring the theme of self-worth to the foreground for us to look at. As Taurus also represents our values, it is quite possible that this Moon will force us to evaluate what actually holds meaning in our lives and what has to go. Our values change over time, and what was important to us last year may have somehow lost meaning by now. With this Moon we have the opportunity to recognise what we might be holding onto for no good reason. We are being asked to let go. When it comes down to it, what is really, truly important to us?

Neptune is forming a very strong, harmonious aspect to the Sun and Moon, so there is a sense that we are being asked to simply let go and surrender to the flow. Neptune reminds us to let go of any kind of attachment to a certain outcome and any fears or beliefs that might be blocking us from manifesting what we need in our lives. Neptune has the power to dissolve the self-imposed blocks, barriers and limitations with the power of faith and unconditional love.  Neptune reminds us of who we really are; our true essence, beyond ego. We are invited to simply have faith and trust that we are being guided in the right direction so there is no need to be afraid or dig our heels in. We are all spiritual beings who are here on earth having a human experience and we just need to trust that whatever is happening is all perfect, even in its apparent imperfection! We are invited during this moon to be open, receptive and to allow our imagination and intuition to guide us in the right direction. Neptune’s presence will also heighten our compassion towards ourselves and others and help us to connect with one another on a deeper level.

The ruler of this Full Moon is Venus, the planet of love and relationships. Venus is triggering the Saturn Chiron square, which has now reached its peak and so it will now start losing its power. The square, combined with Jupiter moving into Scorpio, has made everything quite dark and heavy and brought some very old, entrenched patterns to the surface, which could make us feel quite vulnerable. Jupiter seems to be magnifying all things Scorpio at the moment, so we are coming face to face with our shadows and the darker side of existence. However, what amazing potential for growth we have here if we are brave enough to really take a look at what we would usually deny in ourselves! With Venus involved with Saturn and Chiron during this Moon, we may be triggered somewhat by those closest to us and be forced to take a realistic look at how we sabotage our relationships with these outworn patterns of relating that we learned so very long ago.

Venus is also forming an opposition to Uranus, so this give us an opportunity to break out of these ruts and try a new way of relating that is more in line with who we really are. We may find our loved ones acting erratically and seemingly out of character, or needing more freedom, or wanting to change something within the relationship. It could be a bit unsettling if we are not aware of the need for change, but ultimately it can help us to find a new way of being in relationship that better reflects the needs of the two individuals involved. Wherever we are stuck, stagnating or limiting ourselves, Uranus will bring a blast of fresh air to help liberate us and find a new way of doing things. Uranus is the king of detachment, so we are being given the chance to take a step back and look at everything a bit differently. There is definitely a sense that we are being asked to let go of anything we are holding onto too tightly, whatever that may be. When we do, we allow room for what we need in order to grow.

The Sabian symbol for Venus is, at 26° Libra: “An eagle and a large white dove change into each other”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “The interaction of the spiritual Will and of the Love principle when critical needs arise. Consciousness operates beyond duality, because the polarised energies of the Soul (for spirit), Will and Love, though ever distinct, work for a single purpose.”  The Eagle is a bird of prey, a symbol of strength and stamina, and represents the will. The Dove is a symbol of peace, innocence and love, and so we are encouraged to use the strength of our will to go after what we want at the same time as being open to spiritual messages and emotional guidance. The key, as always, is to listen to our feelings, because they are our internal guidance system. If it feels good, go for it! Again we are being asked to trust that we are ultimately flowing in the right direction, and while we can consciously choose to make changes in our lives we must also simply let go, surrender and allow the universe to do what it will.

Much Love


Picture: Letting Go – Unknown